How Anger Affects your Body and Brain.

What is Anger

Anger is a natural emotion mild forms of anger include displeasure irritation or dislike . Anger can come as a reaction to criticism, threat or frustration. There are times when we fly into a fury such as when we face an outrageous situation or when we have an argument with a loved one, we may think that’s all right there is Justified and we have every right to be angry but do you know what ¬†happens in each time and you get angry.

How Brain involves in Anger.

The first Spark of anger activate our Amygdala. The part of our brain that’s involved with the experiencing of emotions before you are even aware the anger itself. This begins a chain reaction in our brain which leads to out adrenal glands secreting stress hormones like cortisol,¬†adrenaline and noradrenaline.

Stress Harmones

Cortisol is released in response to stress and low blood glucose concentration. It  functions to increase blood sugar to suppress the immune system and to Aid in the metabolism of fat, protein and carbohydrates. Adrenaline increases  blood flow to muscles, ouput of  the heart, pupi dilation and blood sugar. Noradrenaline increases arousal and alertness,focuses attention.  It is also increases restlessness and anxiety.  In our body increases heart rate and blood pressure.

 In real-life dangerous situation like if we’re faced with a the activation of these hormones is a good thing because all our bodies senses and functions on Channel to deal with a physical danger. We react quickly and we are more alert and a heart beats faster which will help us act Fast and deal with danger.When stress hormones keep getting released despite no real Danger. This creates such a Negative effects on our body.

Negative Effects on our body.

  1. Elevated cortisol causes a loss of new neurons in a prefrontal cortex and this keeps you from making good decisions for the future.
  2.  Elevated cortisol kills neurons in the hippocampus and disrupt creations of new ones.This weekens short-term memory and prevents you from forming new memories properly.
  3. Too much cortisol decreases serotonin- The hormone that makes you happy. This makes you feel anger and pain more easily, as well as increase aggressive behaviour and lead to depression.

Tips to Reduce the Anger.

  • Deal with any situation Calmly.
  • Address the issue without stress.
  • Just let go the things which are not so much important. Be the bigger person.
  • Cut off toxic relationships.
  • Spend more time in Nature
  • Divert Your Energy to constructive things.

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