Yoga and its benefits

Importance of “YOGA” and its benefits.

Yoga is a group of physical, mental and spiritual practices or disciplines that originated in ancient India. The word “yoga” in the Western world usually means modern hatha yoga and yoga as a sport, mainly composed of postures or asanas. Yoga is more than just bending or twisting the body and holding your breath. This is a way to bring you into a state where you can see and experience reality in a real way. The art of practicing yoga helps to control one’s mind, body and soul. It brings together physical and mental knowledge to achieve peace of mind and body. It also helps you to increase flexibility, muscle strength and body tone.

Before we understand the benefits of yoga, we must understand the true meaning of yoga. Yoga is part which includes breathing control, simple meditation and the use of specific body positions, which are all methods of health and relaxation.

On June 21, 2015, the International Yoga Day was celebrated for the first time with the theme “Yoga and Harmony and Peace”.

Benefits of “YOGA”

1. Reduce Stress – It promotes relaxation which reduces stress. Yoga can benefit us in three areas that are often affected by stress: our body, mind and breathing.

2. Reduce blood pressure – Research reviews show that person who practice yoga at least three times a week with breathing and relaxation exercises may have lower blood pressure than those who do not exercise yoga.

3. Improves blood circulation – Yoga can improve blood circulation which means that oxygen and nutrients can be better transmitted throughout the whole body. Improved blood flow also indicates healthier organs and glowing skin.

4. Reduce weight – Practicing yoga can also help you increase muscle tone and improve your metabolism. As part of a regular exercise yoga can help you to lose weight as it burns calories.

5. Increase immunity – Regular yoga practice with different asanas enhance immunity, physical strength, increase energy levels and inject positivity and freshness into the brain.

6. Improves Heart health – Yoga can also improve heart health by increasing blood circulation and blood flow.

7. Build muscle strength – Regular yoga practice is an excellent way to build muscles, strengthen and tone the body.

8. Improves Your Eyesight.

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