scientific benefits of clove

Incredible Scientific Health benefits of Cloves

Incredible Scientific Health benefits of Cloves

Cloves or Laungs are commonly used in day to day life. In Indian Medicine, Colves have an important place. Its benefits are amazing.

The following are some amazing benefits of cloves

  1. Strengthen  immune system a) It has Vitamin-C b) It is known to increase white Blood Cells in Body. c) It is helpful to fight any infection or disease in body. d) It is expected to take two cloves in the morning. This can be keep you healthy.
  2. Digestion can Improve a) We all aware that for healthy life system we need good digestive system b) Constant Use of cloves or laung can slove any digestive problem. c) With the help of Cloves ,secretion of digestive enzymes increases to prevent constipation and indigestion
  3. Liver Can Function in Better Way a) The function of liver is to detoxifies the body. b) If you will take cloves everyday ,then your liven can function in better manner c) Laung have Eugenol which can be used to improve functioning of liver.
  4. Relief from Toolthache a) Toothache is a pain that we face in teeth or around tooth. b) Cloves have an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects. c) Clove oil is generally used for Toothache problem.
  5. Helpful to prevent Headache a) As already discussed Cloves have an Eugenol which has  anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects. b) This can be used for remedy for headache. c) You can take clove powder along with milk for better result. d) If you will apply clove oil on head, then you will also feel  relax.
  6. Regulate Blood Sugar Level a) It will helpful for diabetic person to add cloves in their diet. b) Laung have ability to export excess sugar from blood. c) It can be helpful to restore the blood sugar level in proportion. d) It can work like insulin for body.
  7. Remove Bacteria from Mouth. a) laung can improve your gum health. b) It is helpful to remove harmful bacteria from mouth. c) It can be also used as a mouthwash.
  8. Can Prevent Cancer a) As Laung have antioxidants and anticarcinogenic properties whichcan  prevent your body from lung, breast, and ovarian cancers. b) It also prevent tumour growth and increase the death of cancer cells

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