exercise to lose weight at home

Top 5 best Exercise to lose weight at home

In day to day life with stressful environment, it is necessary to leave with fit and fine. But due to some stressful work at workplace, some unhygienic food etc.,it is difficult to maintain fitness in our life and it may cause increase in weight. Now a days, if a person overweight means he/she has many chances of developing various disease like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar and heart disease. So, it necessary to maintain weight to keep away from such disease. In today’s busy schedule not everyone have time to go into gym for exercise, so here we come up with top 5 best exercise to lose weight at home.

Things to know before weight loss at home

when you are planning home exercises for weight loss, you need to know how the body works when you begin to exercise. Knowing when the process of weight loss actually begins will keep you more motivated towards these home gym exercises.

When it comes to weight loss, you need to make an overall lifestyle change. While simple exercises at home for weight loss can have moderate results.  You also need to take care of the food that will help to lose weight.

Here are a few things that will help make your exercises at home for weight loss more effective: 

1. Keep your exercise routine regular
2. Plan home exercises to lose weight for at least 60 minutes 
3. Never skip breakfast 
4. Eat whole foods that are low in calories and fat like Banana, Mango, Apple etc.
5. Keep an eating pattern that is consistent 
6. If you skip a workout, make up quickly to avoid any large regain. 
7. Avoid eating out
8. Get ample rest

Following are top 10 best exercise that will help to lose weight at home:

1. Push up: It is a excellent exercise to work your whole body, particularly your chest. Place your hands on the sides of your chest. Support your body weight on your hands while lying face down. Now lift your body up as a single unit and lower it back to the starting position by bending the elbow. Repeat the same steps 10 to 15 times. 

 exercise to lose weight:Push up
Steps of Push ups

2. Bridge: This is a simple exercise to lose weight at home. The steps have to follow are a)Lie on your back. b)Bend your knees and place your feet on the ground. c)Then just lift your hips and put it back to its original position. Repeat at least 15 times in a group. The following picture shows the right method of doing bridge.

Exercise to lose weight: Bridge
Steps of Bridge Exercise

3. Skater Jump: This is a excellent cardiovascular exercise and a simple leg exercise for lose weight at home. This exercise prevent from many cardiac diseases. Before starting exercise get into a semi squat position. Then jump to one side. Land on the leg whose side you are jumping to and repeat the same on the other side. The following picture shows right steps of skater jump exercise.

Exercise to lose weight: Skater Jump
Steps of Skater Jump

4. Plank Crawl: This is a great exercise at home for your abs, and a great back exercise. Steps to follow: a) Place your body in a position supported by your toes and forearms. b) Then move one knee to the elbow on the same side. c) Repeat on the other side as shown in picture. This can transfer weight from one side to the other, providing you with great endurance.

Exercise to lose weight: Plank crawl
Steps of Plank Crawl

5.Squats: For beginners and advanced training, this is one of the best exercises at home to lose weight. For getting best result, these are the steps to be follow as shown in picture: a) Keep the same distance from your feet to your shoulders. b) Then lower the hips, as if sitting on a chair. c) Make sure that the knee is aligned with the ankle. d) Go back to the beginning and repeat.

Exercise to lose weight: Squats

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